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How display linked Image in email

May 04 '14 at 18:56

I have fetched email from my gmail account using chilkat Imap component.In email body I have embedded an image.when I fetch email through component and get the htmlbody of email than in email body component had replace image source with cid.The image tag is create something like this "img src="cid:CHILKAT-CID-44694fdc-12da-4dd4-95a7-69aadcfd0427">"

How can get image scr instead of this cid ?


Images that are part of the HTML body of an email are considered "related" items (they are not considered as attachments). Chilkat makes this distinction because there really is a semantic difference between an attached file, vs. images and other related items that comprise the presentation of the HTML body.

See the online reference documentation for the Chilkat Email object (CkEmail, CkoEmail, Chilkat.Email, etc. depending on your programming language) for the methods and properties pertaining to "related items". There are methods for getting content of a related item by index, getting the filename, cid, etc. or saving them to files.