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OAuth submit oauth_signature as param?

May 14 '14 at 23:41

Hello, I am trying to authorize my Programm with a community-site. Everything works fine beside obtaining the final Access_token.

The return value is always an Error Message (code 401) with: {"message":"Invalid OAuth signature","error_name":"INVALID_OAUTH_SIGNATURE"}

Not sure how to keep the previous oauth_signature, because there is no param to set the oauth_signature. I guess my Problem is I am sending a new signature via chilkat by Default?


Will try to explain what I want to do here with oauth. Hope a more experienced user might help me with this Task.

Step1: - Obtain a request token by sending oauth_consumer_key, oauth_callback,oauth_signature_method and oauth_signature.

I am able to set everything but not the oauth_signature (which can be in PLAINTEXT or HMAC_SHA1). I simply don't know how to "compute" it and to pass it along to the further Steps.

Response from this call: oauth_token,oauth_token_secret and oauth_callback_confirmed

Step2: - Obtaining User Authorization

I simply pass value for oauth_token to receive my oauth_verifier (which is a 4 digit PIN)

Step3: - Obtaining an Access token I pass along oauth_token and oauth_verifier

This should give me a Response with Access_token,access_token_secret and user_id, BUT I get:


{"message":"Invalid OAuth signature","error_name":"INVALID_OAUTH_SIGNATURE"}