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C# WinRT support for Chilkat libraries

May 12 '14 at 15:20

I am currently working on developing a Windows 8 application based on an existing iPad application. The iPad application is in production and uses Chilkat's encryption/decryption library for Objective-C. We are keen to use the Chilkat libraries for the Windows 8 application. Does Chilkat support WinRT Windows 8 applications developed with C#? If not, is there a roadmap when support for WinRT be available?


It's on Chilkat's list and will be implemented ASAP.

The main task with supporting WinRT will be to do the low-level TCP socket brain-transplant required for WinRT. (In other words, it's to replace the internal Winsock usage with the new WinRT sockets API.)

Work on it will begin soon and shouldn't take too long because the Winsock usage is already very well isolated.