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Saving a message attachment in .msg format

May 14 '14 at 09:58


I have a requirment and planning to use chilikat dll.Can i save an email attachment(attachment which is email ) in .msg format .

I need to save the attachments contents to DB.And user must have the ability to view the email attachment through outlook.


If what you mean by .msg format is the Microsoft-specific binary format for Outlook, then I'm sorry to say that Chilkat does not have this capability.

Sometimes however, people give standard MIME emails a ".msg" file extension, which is the same as .eml. For that, you can call email.GetAttachedMessage, which returns the attached email as an email object, and then you can call SaveEml to save the attached message. For example, in pseudo-code:

attachedMessage = email.GetAttachedMessage(0);
success = attachedMessage.SaveEml("attachedMessage.eml");