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Number of files in a filed created with old ZIP2

May 22 '14 at 16:28

I have been using the ZIP2 active X control on a Vista-32 machine for about six years. Works fine. Now I need to verify how many files have been zipped into the ZIP file before I FTP it to elsewhere. The newer Chilkat ZIP control has a command for that, but the older ZIP2 does not. Other than buying the new control, any way to get number of files returned? Obviously I could unzip it to a scratch file and count those, but that would lower my throughput.


Simply download and use the latest version -- your existing unlock code will still work. The upgrades are free (Chilkat may eventually change this policy, but for existing customers, same-product new-version upgrades are free..)


Wow; I did not remember that. So downloaded and registered; didn't have to change any of my code, just add the new command. Many thanks, I really appreciate it.