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SOAP Request Query

May 29 '14 at 01:14

How can I attach digital signature and zip file to the following soap request using chilkat tools


The only way to answer this question is to have more information, such as:

  1. A sample SOAP request prior to attaching the digital signature an zip file.
  2. A sample that shows what the SOAP request should look like after attaching the signature and zip.

Also, is the zip attached first or second? What does the expected SOAP request look like after attaching the 1st thing, and then what does it look like after attaching the 2nd thing?


Please have a look at the following

SOAP Request Parameters

1 userID

2 password

3 certChain

4 signature

5 Zip Attachment

SOAP Request XML File

soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""





v:userID xxxxxxxxxx /v:userID

v:password xxxxxxxxxx /v:password

v:certChain xxxxxxxxxx /v:certChain

v:signature xxxxxxxxxx /v:signature



Zip shall be attached in second part.

An early response to this shall be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.