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unable to register in 2008 (64 bit hardware)

Jun 06 '14 at 09:39

I'm using version of the Chilkat DLL's, with VB6, on a 64 bit 2008 system. I'm copying the dll's into the syswow64 folder, I've been unsuccessful in registering the DLL's. I started with executing "register_win32.bat", then when that didn't work, I ran "unregister_win32.bat", and also ran "unregister_x64.bat", then attempted to reregister the 32 bit dll's. Despite anything I do, I'm unable to successfully register the components. I've opened a command prompt, and pasted the following: regsvr32 "%CD%ChilkatMail2.dll" - and receive the following windows error message:

LoadLibrary("C:windowsSysWOW64ChilkatMht.dll") failed - This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.

any ideas? The system is working fine on XP - but not on 2008. Thoughts? Thanks in advance JB


Are you running the batch file as an administrator (right-click batch file > Run As Administrator)?


Perhaps you need the Visual C++ Runtime library installed?

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