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redundant images in an html formatted email when viewed in Outlook.

Jun 04 '14 at 11:18

I'm using VB6, sending an html email using the mht and Mail2 activeX components - version I'm creating the body using MS Word, saving it in html format. The email has a single graphic at the top of the document. When sending the email, I point to the saved document when identifying the body.

My problem is that when viewing the received mail in outlook, outlook shows two instances of the graphic vice one. Has anyone else observed this?

The code is simple ....

Dim mailman As New ChilkatMailMan2

Dim mht As New ChilkatMHT

Dim success As Long

success = mailman.UnlockComponent("my code")

success = mht.UnlockComponent("my code")

mailman.SmtpHost = SmtpServr$

mailman.StartTLS = 0

success = mailman.OpenSmtpConnection

Dim Email As ChilkatEmail2

mht.UseCids = 1

Set Email = mht.GetEmail(BodyFileName$)

Email.subject = MySubject$


Email.AddTo "", RecipientAddy$

Email.From = ReplytoAddr$

success = mailman.SendEmail(Email)

any ideas as to why outlook would show a redundant image when the original document has a single graphic?

thanks in advance JB