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Calling chilkat from MSSQL2012 64bit

Jun 06 '14 at 09:20

I need to call the cript2 functions for like encoding from a SQL scalar function in SQL2012 65bit.

I am not familiar how to build a wrapper so I can install this managed CLR into SQL. Has someone already done this type of code.

PS, So far, under SQL 2012 64bit, I am not able to call directly the registered 64 COM DLL libraries using OA_Create.

Thanks Rick


Try using the "Chilkat Mono" .NET assembly instead.

The difference between "Chilkat Mono" and "Chilkat .NET" is that the Mono implementation is a 100% managed .NET assembly that references a native DLL (or shared lib) for it's implementation, whereas the "Chilkat .NET assembly" is a mixed-mode assembly that is composed of a managed outer-layer API with a native inner core.

It is possible to use "Chilkat Mono" with Visual Studio C# and VB.NET applications, in exactly the same way as using the "Chilkat .NET" mixed-mode assembly -- except that at runtime the Chilkat Mono assembly needs to find and load the native DLL. The name of the native DLL to load is contained in the "ChilkatConst.cs" source file in the Chilkat Mono download. See for information about how the runtime finds the DLL specified by DllImport. You can probably reference the Chilkat Mono assembly from SQL, and then place the native DLL in a directory where the runtime will find it (on the computer were SQL server runs).