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Display Email the same way as Apple Email Client?

Jun 06 '14 at 10:40

I have a simple requirement to display an email complete with all attachments and images (to behave in the same way that the Apple email client works).

Your email (IMAP) package looks very comprehensive. Is this easy functionality to produce using your api, and if so are there any good examples?


Chilkat does not provide anything directly for displaying an email -- the Chilkat API's are strictly non-visual.

In a nutshell, displaying a plain-text email is trivial. However, most email is HTML, and the problem is really reduced to a more general problem of displaying HTML w/ associated embedded images, etc., in an application. The Chilkat Email object has an UnpackHtml method where you can save an email's HTML + images to files (where the HTML image URLs are updated to reference the image files), and then your app could display the HTML. I don't have advice as to how that would be done, but you could research it..