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libtool - universal library failed

Jun 12 '14 at 11:05

Im getting following error on running sh on terminal

libtool: object: arm64/libchilkatIos.a(CkoAtom.o) malformed object (unknown load command 1)

Following is makeUniversalLib.h that came with the download

!/bin/bash -ev

cd lib

libtool -static i386/libchilkatIos.a x86_64/libchilkatIos.a armv7s/libchilkatIos.a armv7/libchilkatIos.a arm64/libchilkatIos.a armv6/libchilkatIos.a -o libchilkatIos.a

cd ..


See the Note in the Install Instructions on the web page where the download is located:


  1. A bash shell script ( is provided to create a universal static library from the individual slices:

**Note: Make sure that Apple's SDK libtool is used because increasingly the PATH environment variable might be such that a different libtool is used by default (from brew, ports, etc)**