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Are Email Objects stored anywhere in both cases of IMAP and POP3 iOS

Jun 17 '14 at 01:51

Hi, I am using Chilkat mail Library for iOS. I am using FetchEmail api for downloading the CKoMail from IMAP or POP server. I have a question here: - After downloading the email objects, are these objects stored anywhere ? Suppose i download all Emails and later i lost connection, i should be able to fetch and load already downloaded Emails. How should i achieve this for both POP and IMAP servers ? If these objects are not stored, then is there a need to store them in my iPhone's App memory ?


A method that returns an email object does not automatically persist it to a file. It's just an object in memory. To persist to more permanent storage (such as a file) you would need to call a method such as email.SaveEml, or perhaps get it in MIME (string) form via the email.GetMime method and then (as an example) write it to a database table, or whatever else..