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problome with Imap when use Proxy

Jun 28 '14 at 06:11

hi iam a newbie i use chilkat component to get email from imap i want to use proxy for download email but it dose not work well i dont know why

this is my code can anybody help me ???

if (PublicVariable.Proxy)
    _imap.HttpProxyAuthMethod = "LOGIN";
    //_imap.HttpProxyAuthMethod = "NTLM";
    _imap.HttpProxyHostname = proxySettingArray[0];
    _imap.HttpProxyUsername = proxySettingArray[2];
    _imap.HttpProxyPassword = proxySettingArray[3];
    _imap.HttpProxyPort = Convert.ToInt32(proxySettingArray[1]);
_imap.Port = int.Parse(port);
_imap.Ssl = ssl;
_imap.ReadTimeout = int.Parse(readTimeout);
_imap.ConnectTimeout = int.Parse(connectTimeout);
_success = _imap.Connect(server);
if (_success)
    // do somthing