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Decrypting MIME email in RFC-8222 wrapped format?

Jul 07 '14 at 10:44

I want to know if there an component/function that can decrypt and extract RFC-8222 wrapped messages?

(In wrapped format, the following header fields will be moved from the outer RFC 822 header into the encrypted part of the message: To, From, Subject, Date).

I'm using CkMime_ExtractPartsToFiles to extract the decrypted file. It works with unwrapped message though.


Use the CkMime_UnwrapSecurity function to do it.


Heres what im doing.

using CkDecryptFile to decrypt mime.p7m into mime.txt

CkMime_LoadMimeFile(MimeOBJ, mime.txt);


CkMime_ExtractPartsToFiles(aMimeObj, unwrap.txt);

This works when mime.p7m is Un-wrapped, and when ExtractPartsToFiles is called I get the desired result.