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Unusual problem with GMail

Aug 24 '12 at 09:29

I am trying our Chilkat Mail and in this I have run into an unusual problem.

I am using following code to get Mail Count:

MsgBox "Mail Count BEFORE 'Pop3BeginSession': " & ChilkatMailMan21.GetMailboxCount() ChilkatMailMan21.Pop3BeginSession MsgBox "Mail Count AFTER 'Pop3BeginSession': " & ChilkatMailMan21.GetMailboxCount()

Both of these return the same mail count which again does not match with the actual mail count on GMail.

I have to note that each mail will always have an attachment which is always less than 3K in size.

Here is the session info:

    Session Log

**** Connected to
    < +OK Gpop ready for requests from b2pf15314200pbd.26
    > USER
    < +OK send PASS
    > PASS ****
    < +OK Welcome.
    > STAT
    < +OK 4696 13931849

Has anyone ever faced such a problem?


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