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Today following a guess of the blog I downloaded the last version of activex 32-bit dll and install it on my PC. I registered the dll and include it in my vb6-project as referenced dll. When using the sample code to send a email (as described in site) the IDE vb6 crashes.

Any Guess??

asked Jul 07 '14 at 13:33

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I can confirm this sequence of events will re-create it on Windows XP and Windows 10 running VB6:

1) Create a new VB6 standard project.

2) Reference the ChilKat ActiveX DLL.

3) Add a button to the form.

4) For the code behind that button, paste in the code as currently (30-march-2018) found on the page "(Visual Basic 6.0) Send Email Asynchronously using a Task"


5) Run the code in the debugger.

6) Click the button. The code will start, create the task, and attempt to send an email via "smtp.mymailserver.com" which will of course fail. Wait 30 seconds.

7) The attempt fails, debug information is written to the Immediate window. This is all normal.

8) Close the form.

9) On Windows XP, the VB debugger just vanishes. On Win10, I get a message "Visual Basic has stopped working". Either way, it has crashed.

The fix: Call FinalizeThreadPool.

See https://www.chilkatsoft.com/refdoc/xChilkatGlobalRef.html#method1


answered Apr 02 at 10:56

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