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Chilkat ActiveX stopped working with Xojo update?

Jul 08 '14 at 11:52

In version 2014r1.1 of Xojo everything works great but they have just release 2014r2 and now when I call the following line in the code it crashes with the Nil exception on the line shown in the screenshot. I have stepped through the code and it would appear that for some reason the mThis is now Nil and causing the Raise to occur whereas in previous versions of Xojo this all worked fine.

success = mailman.UnlockComponent("xxx")


The solution is to delete the Chilkat v9.5.0 reference from your application. Make sure nothing about Chilkat is showing in your Project contents (i.e. in the explorer pane docked on the left side of the IDE).

Then re-add a reference to the Chilkat ActiveX, causing Xojo to re-generate whatever it is that it re-generates to use the ActiveX. Do this by re-inserting the ActiveX from the "Insert" menu. Go to the "References" tab and re-reference "Chilkat ActiveX v9.5.0".