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register_win32.bat registers multiple dlls

Jul 20 '14 at 13:33

I just downloaded the 32 bit version and registerd it using register_win32.bat. It registered this product but then tried to register other dll's in the same folder. My question: Why would the bat file register ALL dll's in the folder rather than just this product. Hoping it did no harm!


The registration batch script registers all DLLs in the directory because the Chilkat ActiveX's were previously split up into many DLLs.

The script is very short and simple. Here are the contents:

@echo off
echo.Current User is '%USERNAME%'
echo.This script must run with administrative privileges to register ActiveX DLLs

cd %~dp0

set "filemask=*.dll" for %%A in (%filemask%) do regsvr32 %%A || GOTO:EOF


If you wish for it to register fewer DLLs, just change the filemask..