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Starting SFX with params

Jul 23 '14 at 13:16

Hi there, we are using ChilkatZip for building our program setups on the fly. These setups will be generated as a BUILD with some params called from SFX. see example bellow:

sfxZip.AutoRunParams = "/AppIdBrand=5 /Brand=12 /TAPI=1 /ShowLicForm=0" ...etc.

now I would like to call my SFX with some other params which will be send to the real .exe. I red on these forum entry something useful in this direction: forum entry unfortunatly call the SFX with -ap "param list" will do the job but will clear my original params which should be called originally from SFX.

Using ChilkatZip version for .net 2

Hope you understand my issue. Is there any possibility to call SFX with some params wich will not claer original params I'm using?

Thanks much for supporting. Kind regards, amine