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CkXml: About preserved symbols.

Aug 28 '12 at 00:44

We are using CkXml for xml accessing in our C++ program. We need to distinguish some predefined xml tags with others. We tried to apply the "$" for the prefix of our predefined tags, but it doesn't work. After calling CkXml.put_Tag("$Testing") and CkXml.getXml(), we will just get the trimmed string - "Testing". Please tell us what are the preserved symbols of CkXml.

Accepted Answer

If you are going to work with XML, you should first familiarize yourself with XML itself, such as what characters are legal in tags. This is exactly the same as you would do with any programming language -- before programming, you should first understand (for example) what characters are valid for variable names, whether they are case-sensitive, if special rules exist for the 1st char in the name, etc. The same goes for XML. This is not a Chilkat-specific issue reqarding XML.

For more information, see the XML spec here: