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In china filename error

Aug 11 '14 at 02:41

I'm using chilkat library with c#.
Unzip process successfully in south korea.
In korea Filename was correct.

But in china, the filename is '\\?\c:\Program ~~'
and an error occured with osErrorInfo: 另一个程序正在使用此文件,进程无法访问

How can I fix it?

My code below.

        zip.TempDir = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("temp");
        // zip.ExeIconFile = Server.MapPath("~/img/sc.ico");

    zip.AutoTemp = true;
    zip.ExeFinishNotifier = false;
    zip.ExeWaitForSetup = true;
    zip.OverwriteExisting = true;
    zip.VerboseLogging = true;
    zip.ExeNoInterface = true;
    zip.ExeSilentProgress = true;
    zip.ExeWaitForSetup = false;
    zip.ExeUnzipDir = @"%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Temp";

alt text