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Chilkat Java library

Aug 18 '14 at 10:21

Hi i have just started integrating chilkat java jar to one of my project and started writing few examples.

I would like to know whether it is a free tool or i need to purchase it?

Thanks, Jaipal


The Chilkat library contains individual products that would need to be licensed. It also contains supporting classes that are effectively freeware and do not need to be licensed. A list of the classes and how each is classified as freeware or not is available in the reference documentation, such as here for Java:

The "key" indicates whether the class is freeware, or if not, to which product it belongs. There is also the option to purchase the "Bundle", which provides licenses to all existing products (at the time of purchase, and all products released within 1 year of the purchase). The Bundle price is approximately the price of licensing 2 individual products.

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