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UploadRcv ActiveX object?

Oct 29 '16 at 09:30

We were using the upload component from your site but it appears to have vanished. We tried the new component with Chilkat_9_5_0.UploadRcv instead of Chilkat.UploadRcv but that doesn’t work (though Chilkat_9_5_0. Crypt2 works just fine.)

Has the upload component been depreciated and removed?


Here's a download link for a .zip that contains the last build of the old single-DLL ActiveX's. Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds are included.

The UploacRcv object is contained in the ChilkatUpload.dll
These DLLs haven't been changed for years, and are frozen. No changes will be made, even if defects are discovered.


The UploadRcv object is not included in the consolidated/new ActiveX DLL that contains all the Chilkat objects. There are technical reasons for it -- mainly because the ActiveX wrapping (i.e. the COM layer) is entirely generated, and the UploadRcv object is (classic) ASP specific, and the API does not fit neatly with the COM-layer code generation.

The old UploadRcv may still be used simultaneously with the new ActiveX DLL because the objects do not conflict with each other. The new Active uses new CLSID's and the names are "Chilkat_9_5_0." instead of "Chilkat.".

The old (and frozen) ChilkatUpload.dll (or ChilkatUpload_x64.dll) containing UploadRcv may be downloaded here:


Hi - looks like the download link for the UploadRCV DLL is gone. Can you please post it somewhere as I need to get it for a new server build that supports an ASP app.



Thanks guys!

Is there a new upload receiver component from your recent 9.5.x series that I should be using instead?


Thanks. The UploadRcv is not in the new Chilkat ActiveX DLL. Maybe in the future it will get added, but for now you should use the ChilkatUpload.dll (it won't conflict with the Chilkat_9_5_0.dll because the DLL's use different CLSID's, names, etc.)