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FTP2 PercentDone Events?

Aug 19 '14 at 09:01

I have an application that downloads a large zip file via FTP and then extracts it to the local machine. I have upgraded a VS2005 project (Chilkat 2.0) to VS2013 (Chilkat 4.5). I have noticed that the ftp OnPercentDone event is not being fired for the ftp2 object. It is firing OK for the zip object. This is my code. In both instances, I am setting the EnableEvents property to True and the ftp2.Connect and the zip.OpenZip methods are returning True. Any ideas as to why the ftp2 OnPercentDone event is not firing?


The EnableEvents is no longer needed (and will be removed in a future version), so it's not the problem.

It's likely that the FTP server is not providing any size information in the intermediate reply for the download. Try setting the AutoGetSizeForProgress property = true so that Chilkat explicitly retrieves the remote file size prior to the download (so that it can track percentage completion).


Also take a good look at the parameters for your override:

void PercentDone(int pctDone, bool *abort)

I believe some time ago it used to be

void PercentDone(long pctDone, bool *abort)

so you may think you override the method but you are'nt anymore.