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SFTP: Sent vs Created

Aug 28 '12 at 08:46

With other SFTP clients my SFTP server logs 'created' when a file is uploaded and 'sent' when a file is downloaded.

With Chilkat SFTP .NET 4.0 I'm seeing 'created' when I UploadFileByName() or DownloadFileByName()

The appropriate action is taking place -- files come and go as they should -- however, the difference in logged verb is problematic for our log analysis strategy.

I'd call it a server issue, however, the other SFTP clients (FileZilla -- yes, confirmed SFTP not FTP, and psftp -- PuTTY Suite) both result in 'sent'.



Unfortunately, I don't have any good thoughts -- other than it's a server issue and the other SFTP clients are all based on the same SSH/SFTP code base, namely OpenSSH. Chilkat is a proprietary implementation not derived from open source, but coded from scratch from the protocol specs themselves. The server is probably making a decision ("created" vs. "sent") on some bit of information that it shouldn't be using -- but it's never been caught because it's never had more than one client that wasn't from the same code base.