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Mailman.GetMailboxCount does not show new messages

Aug 22 '14 at 09:37

Hi We have recently updated from ChilkatMail2 to ChilkatAx-9.5.0-win32.dll. Our application uses Pop3/Gmail. When we establish a new connection we see new messages on the server and download them. If we then send a new email (from another application) to the account and call Mailman.GetMailboxCount, we don't see the new message. If we restart our app, the new messages show.

Looking at the Pop3Log file it seems MailMan only issues the STAT command the first time we call GetMailboxCount. If I call Mailman.Pop3EndSession before the GetMailboxCount, the count includes the new messages. This appears to be a changed behaviour compared to ChilkatMail2.dll version 7.4.0.

Should I explicitly call Pop3EndSession after each set of commands or is this a quirk of the new ActiveX implementation?