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FTP ActiveX PutProgress Event?

Aug 22 '14 at 10:32

I've been using the Active-X FTP2 component for over a year including the display of a progress bar for up- and downloads for example as follows:

Private Sub FTP_PutProgress(ByVal pctDone As Long)

After recently upgrading to the Single-DLL version these events seem to be no longer used/triggered. Can you verify that the Get-/PutProgress events are no longer available in the new DLL and need to be replaced by the PercentDone event ?


Yes, it is replaced by the PercentDone event.

The AbortCheck, ProgressInfo, and PercentDone events are the standard "base" events that exist for any method in any Chilkat class/object that can fire events. The PercentDone event would fire only in cases where it is possible to measure a percentage-completion. (For example, waiting for a connection to a remote server to be accepted cannot be measured in percent-done terms.)

(The events are documented in the online reference documentation.)