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MHT GetEmail method missing?

Aug 22 '14 at 12:16

I recently switched development systems, which meant a complete re-install of Perl as well as a load of all modules. I am running code that ran before and for the life of me, cannot find any discrepancies in the install.

Here is the error message:

Can't locate object method "GetEmail" via package "chilkat::CkMht" at /Users/myusername/ line 366.
Can you help? Do you need any additional information? Your support would be greatly appreciated.


This was in the release notes for version v9.5.0 (at ) * I know it's virtually impossible to find the information, and I'm sorry for that..

MHT: Removed the GetEmail, GetMime, and HtmlToEmail methods because these return objects and cause much larger executables for apps linking with C/C++ libs. Removing these methods disconnects MHT from Email/MIME objects for smaller executables which is important in some environments. The same workaround as described above can be used to accomplish the same: (1) call the method that returns the MIME string, such as GetMHT or GetEML, and then (2) load the MIME string into a new instance of an Email or Mime object.

Your code would replace the 1-step call to GetEmail with 2 steps: First get the MIME string via GetEML, then load the MIME string into a new instance of the email object via the $email->SetFromMimeText method.