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GMAIL lists UIDLs only once

Sep 08 '14 at 08:46

I list my uidls in my Connection, but it only lists them once. After i disconnect POP3 it seems to mark them as no longer available. All e-mail is still unread in my GMAIL account in the web interface. .GetMailboxCount(); .GetUidls(); GetUidls: -> UidlCount: 0 -> Success.

When i adjust my gmail: "Status: POP is enabled for all mail" and reassign: "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)" it will list the UIDLs again for only one session.

A normal POP3 account will list all e-mail available every session, but here it seems to mark them as read after i end the POP3Session.

Is there a way i can re-read every mail using GMAIL again when i read it using POP3 or something else ?



See this:


Already read it, not the answer i was looking for. I already read the page. Imap functions perfect, already implemented in the App. But still...... POP3S. It only lists the mail's once, not the second time....