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SMTP SaveEML with Cert and Signing

Sep 09 '14 at 12:22

Is it possible to generate an eml file and save it with Information such as from email.put_SendSigned and email.put_SendEncrypted?

I need to save my generated mail for a preview and let the user send it by loading the eml-file later (maybe a few days later, so sending directly is no option here). But SaveEml does not store data about signing or encryption as far as I can see?

Or is it simply only possible to attach these options to CkEMail object while sending directly?

Accepted Answer

You may store meta-data in email header fields. Any header field name beginning with "ckx_" is automatically stripped from the header when Chilkat sends email via the SendEmail method. (If you send by calling SendMime, then nothing is stripped.)


Hey thank you for the fast response!

Meanwhile I solved it by adding my own header field I "created" and after LoadingEML() I check for the value and act accordingly (depends on stored value if it should be sent encrypted, signed or both).

Your info is great, but in my case it is not a bad thing the new header-field is stored and stays in the mail after sending.

I did not know that ckx_ is stripped after SendEmail(). That might come in handy in another case.