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UnlockComponent not working?

Jan 08 '13 at 16:20

We are now experiencing a ‘chilkat trial expired’ exception using the below license key: ABC123FTP_xxxxxxxxxxx

We unlock in the code as below whence we start the program. Can you please advise?


this.ftp = new Chilkat.Ftp2();
bool success;
success = ftp.UnlockComponent("ABC123FTP_xxxxxxxxxxx");


The posts under the "UnlockComponent" category in the Chilkat blog should help you resolve the problem. Here's the URL:


For the languages we use, this.ftp would refer to an object with a parent where ftp would be an object reference without a parent. One would not be the same object as the other. success = this.ftp.UnlockComponent() would then seem to be the answer.