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Send Email but Keep Sent Email in "Sent Items"

Sep 09 '14 at 16:25

I want to write a program that sends email, but I need to keep the sent email on the mail server. How can I do this? It seems that SMTP does not work.


Sometimes there is confusion on this topic. First, all email is sent via SMTP -- there really is no other way. An email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird will save the sent email as an additional step after the email is sent. If the mail server only supports POP3, then there is no choice but to save the sent email in some sort of local store. If the mail server supports IMAP, then the Chilkat IMAP API can be used to store the email in a mailbox on the server. It can be any mailbox you choose. Perhaps one named "Sent Email". Saving the sent email is not a part of the mail sending process, it is an entirely separate additional step.