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CkZip zipx (lzma) compression support

Sep 06 '17 at 09:22


CkZip already supports zipx, but only for decompression.

Will zipx compression (lzma in particular) be supported some time in the near future?

(If not, I will have to look somewhere else for lzma compression…)



Accepted Answer

FYI: The above post and reply was written in 2014. Since then, and for many years now, Chilkat has implemented ZIPX (mostly I think) and handles the following compression methods: BZIP2, PPMd, LZMA, Deflate64. See the online reference documentation for the Zipx and ZipxDefaultAlg properties.


Sune, not in the near future. It's a planned feature, but Chilkat needs to get WinRT out first, as well as quite a few other new features and products that have priority.