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How to get full email Stream from pop3s, including digital signature

Sep 17 '14 at 04:14


i'm trying to get the full email stream from a pop3s server in c#, including digital signature, but , as explained in the examples, "The security layers of signed and/or encrypted emails are automatically "unwrapped" when loaded into a Chilkat email object." Is there a way to do this? I need to save a file that can be opened in the future with Outlook, but, using the Chilkat.Email class, i lose the digital signature.

Thank you, Stefano


Call the methods that download email and return the MIME byte data/string (instead of the methods that return an email bundle or email objects directly). For example: FetchMime, FetchMultipleMime, FetchMimeByMsgNum.


I tried with the Fetchmime method and i can retrieve what i need.

Thank you,