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base64zipped - is possible unzip with third part software ?

Sep 24 '14 at 10:59

I've base64zipped a content of xml. After decode the base64zipped, is possible unzip with third part software (winrar, 7-zip or online software) ? Thank you!


I would need more information as to exactly how the base64 "zipped" content was created. What Chilkat objects were used, and which methods?


Yes, chilkat objects and methods.

Chilkat.Xml allegati = new Chilkat.Xml(); Chilkat.Xml attachment=allegati.NewChild("Attachment", string.Empty); attachment.SetBinaryContentFromFile(attachmentpath, true, false, null)

Thank you!


No, because the compressed data embedded in the XML (and base64 encoded) is just the output of the deflate compression algorithm. It wouldn't make sense to compress it to a binary image of a zip archive because then it would need to include all of the Zip local file headers, central directory, etc. and the overhead wouldn't make sense.


Then to unzip the base64zipped, chilkat should I use. Is correct ?


What speaks against using chilkat to unzip it? IMHO best option if created with chilkat.


You could use Chilkat.Xml, or Chilkat.Compression (with the deflate algorithm), or you could base64 decode and use zlib in C/C++, or something similar. There is nothing Chilkat-specific about the compressed data -- it is just the output of the "deflate" compression algorithm, which is then base64 encoded.