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Basic auth not working for all http-methods?

Sep 24 '14 at 11:02

Hi everyone,

I noticed that the call to QuickGetStr() will return Information if the auth did succeed, while quickGetStr does not return any Information at all.

bool QuickGetStr(const char url, CkString &outStr); //working but login not succeeded

const char
quickGetStr(const char *url); //does not work with Basic auth

Was it ment to work this way and why?

had to explicitly set: http.put_BasicAuth(1);

But I still don't know why QuickgetStr() shows a failed Message on wrong Login (as it should be),and quickGetStr() does not?!


Internally, the lower-case alternative of any Chilkat method is calling the the upper-case alternative. Therefore, both methods call the exact same internal code..