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Is the dll for UploadRcv ChilkatUpload_x64.dll?

Sep 24 '14 at 11:21

I am migrating my 32bit win2008 server to a 64bit win2012 and I am stuck on my upload component. The component that I am currently using does not have a 64bit version so I am not looking at UploadRcv as a replacement. Two questions?

  1. Is ChilkatUpload_x64.dll (v9.4.1 sp1) the dll for UploadRcv?
  2. Is UploadRcv included in the new v9.5.x all-in-one dll?



Yes, the ChilkatUpload_x64.dll is the DLL for UploadRcv. The UploadRcv will not be in the all-in-one DLL for various reasons. The online reference for it is here: