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smtpQ registration error

Sep 25 '14 at 06:02
windows7 , 32 bit

in my computer there is no syswow32 directory so i edited batch file
set "filemask=*.dll" for %%A in (%filemask%) do %systemroot%system32regsvr32 %%A || GOTO:EOF rem for %%A in (%filemask%) do %systemroot%syswow64regsvr32 %%A || GOTO:EOF

ok, so there is no-error

2 run SmtpQconfig.exe

2.1 error , can not write to registry 
 2.2 ignore/continue 
 2.3 then poup form smtpq configure v9.5.0 
 2.4 write options then click button 'apply changes' 
 2.5 error , can not write to registry why ??

i want a smtpQconfigure.vbr,vbw , source-code 
 chilkat says include source-file, but i cant find them 
 and there is no documentation for smtpQmgr.dll (property, method)

help appreciated