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Chilkat for Androidâ„¢ Library Download

Sep 29 '14 at 09:38

i am looking to download Chilkat for android for my project. I am running into some issues after i have downloaded the .zip file. As per the instructions on the page :

Step 1: Download and Unzip in your Project Directory

An Android project directory is the one that contains other sub-directories named "src", "res", "assets", "gen", etc.

Unzip. None of your existing project files will be overwritten. Unzipping will create .java files in the "src/com/chilkatsoft" subdirectory. It will also create shared libraries (.so) in

libs/armeabi libs/armeabi-v7a lib/mips lib/x86

After i have download the .zip file and try to extract it in my project for example /home/srai/Android/HelloWorld it creates a separate folder for example chilkat-9.5.0-android-all within the project directory. I was expecting the files to be in src/com/chilkatsoft but they are not. Am i placing the .zip file wrong? The instructions are not so clear or i am doing it wrong. Kindly help.


This will get fixed with the next version release. For now, just unzip and then move the contents under "chilkat-9.5.0-android-all" to the appropriate project directories..