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ChilkatCert.dll ActiveX needed?

Jun 15 '12 at 09:11

I plan on purchasing one developer license for your FTP 2 product so I downloaded Ftp2ActiveX.msi ActiveX Components for Visual Basic 6.0. There were two .dll's that were installed, ChilkatFtp2.dll and ChilkatCert.dll. When I tested this on another machine, I only installed and registered the ChilkatFtp2.dll file. When we purchase this and go to install it live on a customer's machine, do both .dll's need to be installed and registered or just ChilkatFtp2.dll. What does ChilkatCert.dll actually do? We will be installing this manually at the customer's machines and not using a installer program.


If you're using a digital certificate for authentication, and you are instantiating an instance of ChilkatCert for it, then you would need the ChilkatCert.dll. If you aren't using digital certificates (which must be the case), then you don't need ChilkatCert.dll.