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ActiveX component can't create object: 'Chilkat_9_5_0.Ftp2'

Oct 08 '14 at 18:23

Hey guys hope you can assist me here.

We recently updated to the latest .dll on our server (from a very dated version) and while we can successfully run the testCreateObject batch file, running the .vbs file ends with the error in the mentioned in the title.

I am able to run scripts successfully creating objects by adding the script path as an argument, for example:

C:windowssysWOW64wscript myScript.vbs

but when executing a .vbs file on it's own by double-clicking or otherwise results in the error.

Error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'Chilkat_9_5_0.Ftp2' OS: Windows Server 2008R x64 dll installed x32 (both x32 and x64 methods) Code: 800A01AD Source VBScript runtime error

Any assistance you can provide or light you could should on where I'm going wrong would be awesome.

Thank you!


It should actually be "Chilkat_9_5_0.Ftp2"

On 64-bit Windows, to run a VBScript in 64-bit mode, do this:

C:\windows\sysWOW64\cscript createObj64.vbs

On 64-bit Windows, to run a VBScript in 32-bit mode (and thus using the 32-bit ActiveX), do this:

C:\windows\system32\cscript imapFetchBundle.vbs


There is no Chilkat_9_5_0.Ftp2 object, try creating a Chilkat_v9_5_0.ChilkatFtp2 object instead.


Ok thanks jpbro and chilkat for your help and responses.

I'm glad to know I wasn't going mental. It was just strange going from a real old version of the library where it would work just by double-clicking the .vbs file to now having to execute the file as a parameter. But hey, it works!

Cheers guys!