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Delphi ActiveX Deployment?

Aug 30 '12 at 09:25

"Here's the situation we face. We have a legacy network application which has been installed on say 10 machines in an office. The update is typically done on one machine, that machine registers the .dll's without an issue. The other 9 machines may or may not be being used by users with restricted permissions who are unable to access the regserv32 and register .dll or .ocx files, in which case it has to be done by the sysadmin at each machine. Now multiply this situation by 5000 customers. We're trying to minimize the downtime for these customers as the application is central to their business."


Chilkat now has a "Delphi DLL" which is a functional DLL instead of an ActiveX.

Examples are located here:

Reference documentation is here:

Download is here:

The DLL is not an ActiveX and therefore does not need to be registered. Using it solves the deployment headaches caused by Microsoft's never-ending efforts to make ActiveX deployment as difficult as possible.