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Chilkat HTTP Login Failure

Oct 16 '14 at 13:39


i used a old Chilkat Library from 2009 in my Visual Studio 2008. No I use Visual Studio 2010 and updadet the Library to

Chilkat C/C++ Libs for VC++ 10.0 SP1 / win32

No i have the problem that,


there nothing happens. The server didnt accept my authentification.

With the old Library there was no problem. but no it dont work. Is there a failure in the Library?

Please help me...

Accepted Answer


In the ActiveX version I need to set BasicAuth = 1. I would think the .net versions are the same. This was added by Chilkat to make sure we understand that we are sending credentials in clear text.



i checked out SessionLogFile, there is no authentification send!!!

why? is there a bug?


Why there is nobody who ansers? ;(

can please someone check this with v9.5.0.44 • 02-Oct-2014 Chilkat C/C++ Libs for VC++ 10.0 SP1 / win32??

i am frustrated, i bought this library for easy connecting to an http-server, but no there are more problems... ;(


I found a solution:

In the new Version i must set: http.put_BasicAuth(1);

Than it works. In the old version it is not necessary