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In Socket ActiveX how do I set Protocol to UDP

Jul 25 '15 at 08:17

Im conversing from MS Sockets "Winsock1.Protocol = sckUDPProtocol" to Chilkat Socket ActiveX of a gaming app RCON that requires UDP protocol and don't see a property setting.

Is there one or a code snippet.


Accepted Answer

According to this post ChilkatSocket is TCP only.


The semantics of UDP are quite different than TCP (for example, it is unreliable, and packets may be dropped or arrive out of order), and therefore the API presented by Chilkat.Socket would not suit UDP well. If Chilkat were to make a UDP API, it would be an entirely new class/object with a different set of properties/methods.


:( I hope they add this KEY functionality in in future



Did you find a solution... I'm just in the process of creating RCON for Ark: survival evolve :)

I created an RCON for cod4 but thought i'd try chillkat...

Guess I will modify my COD4 one :)


I just used winsock from MS VB6, worked great for my COD RCON app


Many thanks.

I've just amended my COD4 one :) - apart from Ark: survival evolve is TCP where as COD is UDP :) only took 3 hours to work it out lol.