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distribution list

Sep 04 '12 at 12:57


What is a basic scenario of how can I get connected to "distribution list" over IMAP? Sorry, I couldn't find any examples.

I have mail server with a distribution list saved in a .eml format. As I can understand it's based on vCard format: "BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:3.0" and "END:VCARD"

I can see that there is a Chilkat function that works with a csv based distribution list, can I make it work with vCard as well ?

Thank you. Alex


I provided examples for adding a vCard to an email here:

Given that an email object is passed to the mailman.SendToDistributionList method, you would first attach the vCard to the email object (via the AddStringAttachment method), and then the vCard is sent w/ every email because it's part of the email object.