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How to convert a .mht file to .html file using Chilkat library in iOS?

Oct 31 '14 at 04:42

In my iPad application, I need to either read a .mht file or convert the .mht file to a .html file. Am not sure whether Chilkat library helps me in reading a .mht file, but I found there is a method - (BOOL)UnpackMHT to unpack the .mht file and convert it to a .html file. I have set the directory path where the output .html file should get stored. But the problem is, when I call the - (BOOL)UnpackMHT method, there is no output .html file created in my directory. Can anyone help me out?


Look at the contents of the LastErrorText after calling UnpackMHT. If you passed a relative path, then the output file will be relative to the current working directory of the application. Pass an absolute directory if you don't know the current working directory.