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Alternative to GetLastCert() when decrypting?

Nov 04 '14 at 12:50

My decryption code used GetLastCert() after decryption to note which certificate was used in the decryption. This appears to no longer work in the latest release of the libraries (C# .Net4).

The documentation indicates that GetLastCert() is deprecated, and suggests using GetSignerCert(0) instead. But this won't work for decryption (at least it didn't for me).

Is there an easy way that I've missed to determine which of the certs in my store were used to decrypt a message?

Accepted Answer

I'll have a new method added, such as GetDecryptCert(), hopefully tomorrow..


Sorry for the delay. Here are new builds that now have a Crypt2.GetDecryptCert() method. It will return the certificate used for decryption. If the decrypt failed, then it returns null.

32-bit Download:

64-bit Download:


Excellent! Thanks very much for the attention.