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get SeqNum from CkImap_FetchSequenceHeaders

Nov 05 '14 at 02:39

I use CkImap_FetchSequenceHeaders to get last X msgs from mailbox.

I need to know UID and seqNum of each msg in the bundle.

I get UID by CkEmail_GetImapUid which works fine .

But how can I get the seqNum ?

the 'ckx-imap-uid' contains the uid of the msg .

Attached the ck headers after CkImap_FetchSequenceHeaders

ckx-imap-internaldate: 02-Nov-2014 08:18:03 +0000 ckx-imap-uid: 26507 ckx-imap-isUid: YES ckx-imap-seen: YES ckx-imap-answered: NO ckx-imap-deleted: NO ckx-imap-flagged: NO ckx-imap-draft: NO ckx-imap-flags: Seen ckx-imap-numAttach: 0