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Application crashes on Windows 7

Nov 18 '14 at 06:19

Hello, my C# application is deployed on Visual Studio 2013, everything works fine when the application is installed on windows 8, but when it is installed on Windows 7, application closes when Chilkat.Http an object type http = new Chilkat. http (); (There is no error) Regards Jim


An error message would be needed to understand the cause. My guess is that the 1st access causes the .NET runtime to load the assembly, and you probably get one of the Common Error's already noted on the download web page.

Note: This is a forum where hopefully users can help other users. This not a free support line. Chilkat responds to emails ( in a timely manner to those customers with non-expired support.


Hello thanks for your reply,I tried to resolve this issue, but it doesn't works. My project is a click one application Vs 2013 and VC++ 2013 is required , (prefer 32 bits is checked). I have no error when project is compiled or installed on a computer. I have still this issue when a chilkat function is called. The Chilkat library (*86) is a NuGet package and ChilkatDotNet45.dll is in the directory of the application.(only on Windows 7, and Vista )

My problem is like this one :


Issue solved.