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"Failed to convert data connection to TLS" error using Older version works

Nov 19 '14 at 12:26

VC++ 8.0 SP1 application built using with Chilkat version connects but PutFile() fails. When built with older version (not sure of exact version but .lib is dated 8/20/2014) the PutFile() succeeds. Last Error and Session Log are below. Is there some new setting in that I need to set?

    CkFtp2 ftp;

Last Error ChilkatLog: PutFile: DllDate: Oct 2 2014 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: AMYFOXFTP Username: GREG:GregP Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: Visual C++ 8.0 (32-bit) VerboseLogging: 0 LocalFilename: c:tmptestfile RemoteFilename: testfile ProgressMonitoring: enabled: no heartbeatMs: 0 sendBufferSize: 65536 --ProgressMonitoring IdleTimeoutMs: 60000 ReceiveTimeoutMs: 60000 ConnectTimeoutSeconds: 60 uploadFromLocalFile: localFileSize: 9 uploadFromDataSource: initialGreeting: 220 FTP. Time = 11:07:49 restartNext: 0 modeZ: 0 binaryMode: 1 pbsz_protp: sendCommand: sendingCommand: PBSZ 0 --sendCommand readCommandResponse: replyLineQP: 200 PBSZ 0 OK. commandResponse: 200 PBSZ 0 OK. statusCode: 200 --readCommandResponse sendCommand: sendingCommand: PROT P --sendCommand readCommandResponse: replyLineQP: 200 PROT P OK, data channel will be secured. commandResponse: 200 PROT P OK, data channel will be secured. statusCode: 200 --readCommandResponse --pbsz_protp setupDataConnection: passive transfer mode setupPassiveDataSocket: sendCommand: sendingCommand: PASV --sendCommand readCommandResponse: replyLineQP: 227 Entering Passive Mode (65,82,131,45,211,36) commandResponse: 227 Entering Passive Mode (65,82,131,45,211,36) statusCode: 227 --readCommandResponse dataConnect: hostname: port: 54052 socketOptions: SO_SNDBUF: 64512 SO_RCVBUF: 8192 TCP_NODELAY: 0 --socketOptions dataConnectSuccess: 1 --dataConnect --setupPassiveDataSocket --setupDataConnection sendUploadCommand: sendCommand: sendingCommand: STOR testfile --sendCommand --sendUploadCommand convertDataConnToSsl: ConvertToTls: Elapsed time: 328 millisec Failed to convert data connection to TLS --convertDataConnToSsl Failed to complete data connection. --uploadFromDataSource --uploadFromLocalFile TotalTime: Elapsed time: 608 millisec Failed. --PutFile --ChilkatLog

Session Log 220 FTP. Time = 11:07:49 AUTH SSL 234 AUTH TLS-P/SSL OK. PBSZ 0 200 PBSZ 0 OK. PROT P 200 PROT P OK, data channel will be secured. USER XXXXX 331 Password required for XXXXX. PASS **** 230 IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise for UNIX login ok, access restrictions apply. TYPE I 200 Type set to I. SYST 215 UNKNOWN Type: L8 FEAT 500 'FEAT': command not understood. PBSZ 0 200 PBSZ 0 OK. PROT P 200 PROT P OK, data channel will be secured. PASV 227 Entering Passive Mode (65,82,131,45,211,36) STOR testfile Failed to convert data connection to TLS.